Special Offers at Envi Express

Send documents, proposals, medical reports and marketing materials in our Flat Rate, Same Day, Super Pac envelope for only $9.99. You fill it, we deliver.

We'll help get those new marketing reports and surveys to your customers, with our Big Bag Bargain offer. Fill the bag as full as you can. Same day delivery is $11.99 and next day delivery is $8.99. The Big Bag Bargain offer comes with an extra strong drawstring backpack that your customer keeps as our gift to you, to them.


Please visit the Career Opportunities page on this site for updated positions offered.

Tesla and Workhorse Partners

The successful development of all-electric, long range vehicles is a critical part of our expansion plans. WORKHORSE, based in Cincinnatti, is looking to produce a long range, metro/ parcel van in 2019. They currently have a hybrid model that has a range of 80 miles. ENVI EXPRESS uses only pure electric vehicles.

TESLA is reporting that their long range semi truck model will go into production in 2020. TESLA has reported the prototype models are currently achieving a 500 mile range on a single charge. This range and vehicle type will enable ENVI EXPRESS to reach all California destinations in 2020.


Envi Express has sponsorship packages for local Santa Barbara events. We are currently accepting applications for three events in 2021 and three events in 2022. Please send a brief description of your event to: sponsorship@envi-express.com. All requests are reviewed. Replies can take up to 90 days from the receipt of your request.